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Nickelodeon (often shortened to Nick) is an American pay television channel which was first tested on December 1, 1977, until it eventually launched on April 1, 1979 as the first cable channel for children. It is owned by ViacomCBS through its domestic networks division and is based in New York City. The network's programming is primarily aimed at children and adolescents aged 2–17, while some of


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Weed picker rouging (Former Employee) says

"I would not work for nick again due to his attitude towards me when I was doing my work. Some of the time he forgot to pay us and it took an extra week to receive the money"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It may be a good opportunity for me but the company is not busy enough for me. With me being with the company for about 2 months i only had one job."

Zachary Fletcher Fire Arrow Fi says

"Stop shoving pc crap in my innocent child’s face."

Tony Nappier says

"I can't believe you put a show like "friends" on a kids station . Teaching them it's ok for a group of people to sleep around with each other . Not sorry to say you just got removed from my tv forever."

Pamela Ivan Goetz says

"I would give a zero but it doesn’t let me. Ridiculous that you try and push your political agenda on to children! You have an obligation to be neutral. And you are also stating lies and NOT facts. Will not be allowing my children to watch your station anymore. Children’s stations should be neural on politics."

Liliana Conyers says

"I can’t believe I am watching this on Nick! I just heard The girl who was in the Olimpics say that if Binden and Harris don’t win the election, there was cheating involved! My children will no longer be watching this channel and I will be erasing all there games, and never buying another one of there toys!! God Bless America, kids lives matter!!! You are some evil people for trying to brainwash our children so early in the morning."

Amac says

"Stop brainwashing kids!!! You should not involve kids in politics!!! shame on you! but I am not even shocked because I see more political commercials on Nick than ever before. Well no more ! Disgusting and disturbing!"

Bladas Proncé says

"I use to love your programs as a kid now i have my own kids and a few grandkids. I just canceled our trip to Nick studios for next June and erased all Nickelodeon games, movie's, and shows from all of my kids device's. If i want my kids to live an adult life id make them your support for a domestic terrorist organization like the BLM. I have blocked your channel on our home cable network. Thank you for saving me an ass ton of money."

Bart Mattingly says

"Things were great till they wanted to play politics with that racist blm crap! Great to me blm don’t matter! All lives matter! Go Suck yourselves!"

DK 95 says

"Racist AF. No more BLM or gay pride commercials"

Linda Benavidez says

"Shame on you Nickelodeon! Tired of hearing that Black Lives Matter! So when my child watches Nickelodeon his life doesn’t matter because he’s not black! That needs to be changed that All lives matter!! Everyone deserves equality not just Black people!!"

Ryan Dudley says

"You did not have to put on a commercial for lgbtq on any other channel whatever but to throw that in kids faces that don’t understand shame on you. My child/ future children will not watch your channel."

Stephen Bevins says

"I grew up watching Nickelodeon channel, it was awesome when I was little, all the cartoons were the best. Now that I’m 27 years old, I currently love watching cartoon today but Nickelodeon tv has became awful now. There are more live action shows about kids that play now that became really dumb and stupid. I just want my childhood cartoons from Nickelodeon back and get rid of the live action children television shows."

Husain Elnassar says

"Nick is on but they should not put gay pride and gay couples on kids tv it’s disgusting ps the new show young Dylan is so cringing it’s basically the fresh Prince of Bel-Air but a stupid Version"

Eli Ringelstetter says

"When I watch Nickelodeon I don’t want to see a blm commercial I just want to watch spongebob. Also I think they are being racist because they are always saying how black lives go through so much more stuff than anyone else all lives matter not just black ones dumb asses"

Zita Mal says

"Bring back korra thanks that would make 2020-2021 better."

George says

"Bring back our classic shows including iCarly, even if it's just the replays"

jeff Rollins says

"ok, I like nickelodeon but the only bad thing is there is this commercial about transgender people and I feel like it is not good for kids or teens to see it."

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